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Welcome to Stafford Moor

Paul, Jo and the girls would like to invite you to experience the unique atmosphere of Stafford Moor. A mature sixty seven acre estate surrounded with huge pine trees hides thirty five acres of heavily stocked lakes, luxurious Canadian lodges and some of the best coarse and carp fishing in the south west of England.


We will have online bookings available starting late 2015! Check availability.


Trigger Wins Our October Festival 2016 !

TRIGGER WINS OUR OCTOBER FESTIVAL 2016 ! Our worthy winner with a perfect score of just 4 points is Craig Edmunds AKA Trigger Who won with a total weight of 500lb 12 oz well done Trig , considering he has Never fished a festival here before! in second place was Brian Shanks with only 4 points total weight of 230lb 4oz well done Brian ! In third place was Peter Upperton with 5 points and total weight of 343lb 15oz well done to everyone who fished our October festival thank you for making it a fab week ! Paul & Jo Please see the winners list below: 1. CRAIG EDMUNDS 2. BRIAN SHANKS 3. PETER UPPERTON 4. PERRY STONE 5 .CHRIS BISHOP 6. NATHAN UNDERWOOD 7. CHRIS BOULTON 8. DARREN STALEY 9. ZAC NEWTON 10. IAN PRETTY 11. ANDY GRIFFITHS 12. MARK TAYLOR 13. ADRIAN MARSHALL 14. JEB ATTWOOD 15. MARK HARRINGTON 16. NICKY MILLER 17. NIGEL SMITH 18. RICHARD WYLIE 19. LEE WERRETT 20. JON HOWELL 21. CHRIS DAVIS 22. BARRY UPPERTON 23. DAVE DOWNTON 24. MARTIN HEARD 25. RICKY JOHNSTON 26. IAN ROWNEY 27. IAN JONES 28. PETER RANDALL 29. PAUL BURCKETT 30. TREVOR WYSE 31. JON OWEN 32. DAVE STOCKTON 33. ALEC BISHOP 34. NEIL STONES 35. COLIN PERRY 36. LEE JAN 37. ANTON PAGE 38. MATT TRANTER 39. BELA BAKOS 40. KEITH NEEDHAM 41. STEVE SHAW 42.MICKY ELSOM 43.SEAN CLAYTON 44.MICK WHEATLEY 45.COLIN HORWOOD 46.VIC BUSH 47.MAL KING 48.MIKE ETHERIDGE 49.GEOFF WILDE 50.ROB HENRICK


Jack Lord's 32lb 5oz Catch!

Jack Lord with his new PB od 32lb 5oz ! caught from the last swim on the dam wall on Beatties lake using Mainline cell boilies. Well done Jack !    

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Final Day October Festival 2016

Day 4 of our October festival ! Had such a great week with you all thank you for making it such a fun week. Full match results are shown below. Our Winners details are shown on the front page above.

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Top Results

  1. PETE UPPERTON Peg 34 Woodpecker: 81lbs 1oz
  2. NEIL STONES Peg 3 Woodpecker: 72lbs 7oz
  3. RICKY JOHNSTON Peg 8 Woodpecker: 72lbs 6oz
  4. CHRIS DAVIS Peg 27 Tanners: 71lbs 11oz
  5. RON HARDIMAN Peg 30 Tanners: 59lbs 2oz
  6. PERRY STONE Peg 30 Woodpecker: 58lbs 9oz