400 doubles make this a real action water with lots of runs and action plus the chance to catch the fish of a lifetime. Carp to 35lb with many 26lb plus in Beatties. With only 10 swims including the back bays, booking is essential. A pre-booked ticket is required before you go onto the lake. Anyone found on the lake without a ticket will be charged double. Please do not drive onto the dam wall or any of the grass areas. You can drop off tackle at Oak car park and for the inlet swim or back bays it's best to park on Tanners car park. Beatties has undergone a huge amount of work in the past 18 months. You can easily access any swim now as all the paths have been stoned. All the swims have had major work done to allow you to have a fantastic days fishing.


For any 24 hours £28, £56 for 48 hours. Day tickets are not available for pre booking at the weekends including Saturday/Sundays (except you can call Jo in the shop on 01805804360 one day before you would like to fish on a day session to check availability) All deposits paid are non refundable but in the event of 3 days notice given we can try and re book you in for another time. You can still fish until 7pm and leave the site if you wish but you cannot re enter after this time as this gate is part of our otter fencing on site to protect our fishery and will not re open until 8am the following day. If you park in the small car park on the right hand side before the gate you can still walk through to use our toilet/shower facilities which are open from 8am - 5pm after this time please use the new toilets located at Pines lake. No children under the age of 15 are permitted on the specimen lakes. All fishing must be pre-booked and paid for before going onto the lake. If you cannot make a trip please phone and let us know at least 48 hours prior. We do not collect money on the bank so please make sure you have a ticket with you at all times. Ticket checks are made on a regular basis. Non-fishing guests camping £5 per night and £2.50 for the day please notify Jo of ANY guests joining you here on site at all times. Children under 16 years of age are NOT permitted on our specimen lakes unless this has been cleared with Jo and the overnight charge has been paid. Both specimen lakes will be closed for fishing in January and February 2022 only the specimen lodges will be available.


400 doubles with an average now around 17lbs and rising fast. 40+ twenties and thirties to 35lbs. Large eels nudging 10lbs and large perch to 4lbs.


10 bookable swims on the main 8 acre lake. 3 islands plus two gorgeous back waters ideal for stalking. Sunken bars all over with plenty of hiding places for the residents of Beatties. Careful plumbing up is needed as the bottom of the lake is between 3 and 10 feet. When its warm the fish will come to the shallow features.

Pegs and Lake Layout

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